The short answer is yes.  Unless, there is a specific rule that says otherwise.  They are not required to keep your job open for you forever unless there is a particular rule that applies to require your company to keep your job open for you.  One rule that everyone should know about is the Family and Medical Leave Act known as the FMLA and the Connecticut version known as the Connecticut Family and Medical Leave Act.  The FMLA is a federal law that provides up to twelve weeks of unpaid leave for a serious health condition.  Keep in mind that the term “serious health condition” is defined in the federal regulations and therefore you cannot just use your own common sense notion of what is a serious health condition.  You need to check the definition as see how it applies to your situation.  The bottom line is the statute does not apply to every situation.  So, with this basic knowledge of the FMLA you must check to see how it applies to your situation.  The first step is to know whether your employer has an FMLA policy, and whether the FMLA or the CFMLA applies to your employer.  

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