One of the most important benefits for a disabled worker in Connecticut, is the ability to file a Workers Compensation claim and receive temporary total disability benefits.  For example, a worker who lives in Norwich, Connecticut who works a nurse at William Backus Hospital in Norwich, Connecticut who is temporarily totally disabled due to a work related low back injury will not receive any wages from her employer because she is unable to work.  She expects to get better in the future, but for the time being, she is totally unable to work, receives no wages, and has no income coming into the household to pay bills.    What can she do?  First, she can file a Workers Compensation claim.  Since her employer is in Norwich, Connecticut, she should file in with the Workers Compensation office located in Norwich.  If her injury was caused on the job, then she can receive temporary total disability benefits.  Temporary total disability benefits are wage replacement benefits, and continue until the worker is able to work again, or has reached maximum medical improvement. The amount of benefits you receive depends on your workers compensation rate which, in turn, depends on your wages.  

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