By far, the worst thing that can happen to your potential wrongful termination case in Norwich, Connecticut is you quit your job.

In any employment law case, you must prove that you suffered some damages caused by your employer.  If you quit your job, then you have cause your own damages.  Of course, you can try to build a case based on a hostile work environment, but those are very hard cases.  

The bottom line, is that if things are going bad are work, and if your boss giving you a really hard time on the job, then you can bet that your boss wants you to quit.  That way, the company does become responsible for your unemployment benefits, and you destroy any damages you might have had in a wrongful termination case.  

When someone calls me seeking advice in an employement law case, one of the first things I ask is whether the potential client quit their job due to "stress."  If that is the case, then there is very little change that the case is viable.  

Definately, before you take a major step like quitting your job, get legal advice on the consequences of that decision.

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