Most people in Southeastern Connecticut don't have enough car insurance.  I reviewed a policy today for a policy for someone in Groton, Connecticut and she $50,000 in property damage coverage, and only $20,000 in underinsured motorist coverage.  This is crazy.  The car was not even worth $50,000.00. 

For example, assume you are driving on Rt. 2 in Ledyard, Connecticut (a dangerous road) and you are struck by a person who has no insurance.  Assume it is their fault.  Your only recovery will be from your UIM coverage or their personal assets.  If they had no insurance, do you think they have any personal assets? No.  

The only insurance that really protects you is your underinsured/uninsured (UIM) motorist coverage.  It is very important. 

The law in Connecticut permits you to purchage up to double the amount of UIM that you have in liability coverage.  Get a lot of it. 

Don't let the insurance salesperson convince you not to purchase as much UIM as possible.  Always purchase double the amout of UIM that you have in liability coverage.  

If you have been injured in a car crash and believe you have a serious injury then you might have a UIM claim.  We can help.  Contact The Bartinik Law Firm, PC., 100 Fort Hill Road, Groton, Connecticut at 860-445-8521 or toll free at 888-717-4211.

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