One of the most common questions I get is how long will it take to finish my case. Most people want their case over as soos as possible.  The is no definite answer to the question because the time a case takes depends upon the parties and the Courts.  I often say, that case can be over tomorrow if you chose to settle for a tiny amount of money.  But a case can take up to two years or more when a case goes through the entire system.  In the Courts in New London, Connecticuct which is the closest Court to us, and the one that we deal with the most, things move quickly.  Here are some quidelines about how long your case can take.

First, it is hard (if not impossible) to settle your case before you are finished treating with your doctor.  So, plan time for that.

Second, plan for about one year from the date you file at lawsuit to the first substantive settlement conference (called a pre-trial conference).  

Third, plan or about six months to a year from the settlement conference to a trial. 

Fourth, plan for six months of unexpected delay.

Fifth, overall plan for two years, but there a so many variables it is impossible to predict.  

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