I received a call from someone yesterday from Newington, Connecticut.  He suffered a serious injury from being electrocuted while working on a roof.  He had a lawyer who was handling his case already.  He called me because his lawyer had not gotten back to him when he called the other lawyer's office asking when his case might be finished.  He explained to me that he knew that a lawsuit was not yet filed.  He was out of work due to his injuries, and had no savings.  He wanted to know how long his case would take. 

How long does a personal injury case in Connecticut.  

There is no set rule, but most personal injury cases take at least one and one-half years to complete.  Keep in mind that a case can settle at any time when both parties are willing to settle.  If the case does not settle then the case will end with a trial.  Most personal injury cases that don't settle have trials in front of a jury.  It generally takes at least one and one-half years to have a jury trial in Connecticut.  In general, therefore, for a straight forward personal injury case that goes the distance to a jury trial, you can expect the case to take at least one and one-half years.

Of course, for complex cases it will take longer.  In some jurisdictions, it will take longer.  The New London Superior Court in New London, Connecticut is an example of a Court that provides a speedy trial date.  Also, don't forget that when both parties are will to settle, the case ends upon the settlement.  That can occur at any time.

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