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I frequently get calls from people who have been fired. They are distraught.  They believe it was unfair that they got fired.  They often do not know why they got fired. They are confused.  They believe that they were doing a great job at work.  Sometimes, the boss does not say why they fired their employee.  

I ask them how can I help you?  Why did you call a lawyer today?  

Most times, my potential clients are unable to focus on the relevant isses to evaluate whether they have a viable claim.  They then to focus on the job they did, and why they did a good job.  Most people have no idea of the important points.  

Here is how to analyze a potential employment law case.

First, understand the employent at will rule.  The boss can fire you for any reason or no reason.

Second, is there an employment contract.  Normally, there is not.  But if so, then it is important. 

Third, is there a union agreement.  If so, that is a contract. See rule two above.

Fourth, (and this is the most important) was a protected right violated.  Protected rights are based on race, religion, national origin, sex, religion, sexual preference, age, disability.  Also, protected rights can come the right to take medical leave, or perhaps whistle blower status.  

Fifth, was there some sort of retaliation based on complaints or enforcement of one of the above rights.  

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