Here are five things to do to help you prepare for your depostion.
	1.  Don't exaggerate at all.    
	The first step in doing a good job in your deposition is to understand, and embrace the fact that you should not exaggerate at all. 
	2.  Chose accurate, clear, descriptive words to describe your pain. 
	Is your pain aching, stabbing, burning.  Is it constant, one hour per day, only at night or what.  Be detailed. 
	3.  Go through. The List.  
	You need to go through The List which is my list of activities that might be affected.  That way you won't forget an important harm.  Get my Free Guide How to Explain Your Harms and Losses in a Step by Step Logical Way. 
	4.  Know the facts of how the accident happened.
	You need to explain why the other person is at fault, and why you did everthing in your power to avoid the accident.
	5.  Know Thy Enemy.
	Anticipate what the other side will likely say to show that they were not at fault.  When you anticipate the other sides argument, you can be better prepared to defend your position. 

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