The simple answer? They're probably delaying if you're looking this up right now. It's far more common for a trucking company to delay than not.

The primary goal of pretty much any business is to make money. Period. So, when a truck accident happens that leaves one or more people seriously injured, trucking companies will fight to keep as much money as possible. Sure, people within the company will feel guilty and sad about what happened, but they also knew the hazards of creating a trucking business in the first place.

Motor vehicle accidents of all kinds are extremely common, so when you're making a company that is built around driving, there are going to be plenty of accidents and lawsuits to deal with. The more lawsuits they have, the more money they lose—so a common tactic is to delay, delay, delay.

One very common delaying tactic a trucking company will use following an accident is to play the blame game. The driver will blame the lead mechanic, who will then blame the CEO, who will then blame the truck's manufacturer. They will continuously throw each other under the bus to avoid one person being pinned down as the culprit. This can go on for months and months, and annoy a victim so much that she finally gives up.

The most important thing to remember is that the trucking companies have done this before and you probably haven't. They've dealt with court, witnesses, and the insurance companies, and they know what they need to do to pay as little as possible. The best advantage you can give yourself is hiring an experienced truck accident attorney—one who has also done this before—which makes it possible for you to compete with the truck company on an even playing field.

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