If you are a victim of a drunk driver in Groton, Connecticut then you will probably want to obtain the arrest report that shows the arrest, field sobriety testing, and chemical testing of the drunk driver.  The report will contain useful information to help you prosecute your civil case for damages against the drunk driver.  The problem is that some police departments will not give you the arrest report unless you know exactly what to ask for, and how to ask for it.  

If you simply ask for the "report" you will probably get only the accident report.  That is the standard report that is filled out for any car accident.  That report will contain the following information:  The names of the parties, their insurance information, some coding, witness names, and the police officer's diagram along with a short narrative.  But you want more than that.  

You want not only the accident report, but also the arrest report and the A44 report.  The arrest report and the A44 report will contain detailed information such as the field sobriety testing, statement about what the drunk driver reported drinking, and the chemical testing.  The report will contain a ton of information.  

The problem for you is that unles you specifically ask for the A44 report and the arrest report, the police department will send you the accident report. Also, some police departments might tend to resist the disclosure of the arrest report because information in the arrest report is usually not public information.  Therefore, unless they know that you are entitled to the reports, they might assume that they don't have to give it to you.  

Therefore, what do you do?

If you are a victim of a drunk driver in Groton, Connecticut you should do the following:  First, request the arrest report and the A44 report and specifically inform the police department that you are the victim and that "under General Statute Section 14-227i" you are entitled to the arrest report and the A44 report.  That shoud do the trick.  You should promptly get the report.

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