You are expected to do everything you can to get better.  Generally, a good state of health and physical fitness promotes the healing process.   A strong midsection is very important for the back.  Losing weight is very important to your case.  It shows you are doing everything in your power to get better.  Many jurors and conservative people generally do not have sympathy for severely obese people with health problems particularly when weight loss with help their medical condition.  It is clear that excessive weight if bad for you heart.   I certainly can’t be good for your back, your knees, or your hips.  If you have an injured back, or an injured knee with loss will tell the jury that you are making every effort to improve your health.  That does not mean you have to starve yourself to lose a dangerous amount of weight.  But some weight loss and effort to help your self is very important in the minds of a jury.
    Also, in almost every case, part of your medical care includes physical therapy with a professional physical therapist.  And part of most physical therapy programs includes home exercises.  So, if you are not doing your home exercises you are not only missing out on a means to help yourself get better, you are also not following your doctor’s advice.

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