The short answer is, yes, unless for some odd reason your health insurance policy contains an exclusion stating that the insurance company does not pay medical bills from a truck or car crash case.  But, this is extremely rare.  However, many health insurance plans have a clause that states that if the bills are incurred from a truck or car crash case and if there is medical payment coverage on the plaintiff’s automobile insurance policy, then they (health insurance) are secondary and the automobile medical payments coverage is primary.  This means that the medical payments coverage pays first, and then when that coverage is exhausted then and only then will the health insurance plan begin to pay.  For example, if you are in a car accident on Rt. 95 in Waterford, Connecticut and have medical payments coverage of $5,000 on your automobile policy, the medical payments coverage will pay the first $5,000 of your bills and your health insurance company won’t pay until that medical payments coverage is exhausted. 

Tip:  Therefore, it makes sense that you give a copy of the declarations page of your automobile insurance policy to your doctor’s office billing department so they can provide the health insurance company some proof that you don’t have medical payments coverage if that proof is necessary. 

Now that we have established the basic rule that you should submit your bills to your health insurance company, you might ask yourself why is that fair?  Why should your health insurance pay for medical bills that were caused by the fault of a careless truck or car driver? 

The answer is twofold.  First, you have paid your health insurance company premiums and you have, therefore, paid and earned that right to have the insurance company pay for your medical bills.  You paid for it, so why shouldn’t you get it?  Second, in many instances at the end of the case you will be required to reimburse your health insurance company for their costs incurred paying your medical bills.  Therefore, they will be made whole and the cost will fall on the careless truck or car driver’s liability insurance carrier.  Those rules are part of the complex set of collateral source rules in Connecticut which are the subject of a different post.

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