When you are treating for an accepted workers compensation claim, the treating doctor is authorized to treat you for only the “accepted” injury.  When the Workers Compensation insurance company “accepts” a claim this means that they agree that the injury was caused on the job, and they have agreed to pay medical bills for that treatment.  Doctors who treat Workers Compensation patients know that if they provide medical care for a patient that is different than the accepted claim then they probably won’t get paid for those services.  Therefore, if you are treating with a doctor for a low back injury that is an accepted claim on a Workers Compensation case, and you report your low back pain, and also neck pain it is very likely that your complaint of neck pain will not be mentioned in the medical record.  This occurs because, from the doctor’s perspective, the only condition for which he is treating you is the low back claim and not the neck claim.  You should be aware of that and set up a special visit for each injury so that the records are clear about what injury you are treating for.

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