Many people in Eastern, Connecticut don't understand that for any DUI case in Connecticut, there are really two cases in one.  The crime of drunk driving involves the privilege to drive a car.  That privilege is regulated by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  So, when you are charged with drunk driving, the DMV might take away your drivers license.  That is part one.  

The second part of a DUI case is the criminal court part.  The crime of DUI is a crime, and for that crime there are various penalties that will apply depending on sevaral different factors.  These penaties include jail time, fines, a loss of license, and other penalities.  

So, for example, assume someone is from Guilford, Connecticut and also assume that they are arrested for DUI while driving on Rt. 95 northbound.  That person will have to deal with both the Department of Motor Vehile license suspenion process, and also the Court criminal process. 

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