How do I get my medical bills paid after a car crash when it is obviously the other driver's fault?  

I get this question very often.

I estimate that over 90% of the people just don't know how to get their medical bills paid when they have a car accident claim.  Unfortunately, many insurance adjusters mislead people into thinking that the defendant's insurance company might "pay the bills now" and then at a later date might settle the personal injury part of the case.  This is false.  They want you to give up your personal injury case.  

So, what are rules that apply, and what is the best way to proceed in a Connecticut car accident case.  

The rules that apply to a Connecticut car accident case.

You must understand one thing.  No matter how clear the case is, or how obvious it is that it is the other driver's fault until you have either a: (1) settlement; or (2) a Court judgment that you win the case there is no legal obligation on the defendant's part (or his insurance company) to pay your medical bills. 

So, any time the insurance adjuster is suggesting to you that they will pay your medical bills they are really saying that they will pay you a sum of money equal to your medical bills "as part of a total settlement of the case."  The case does not remain open, and it is over after the payment of the medical bills.  Do you really want to settle a good personal injury case in Norwich, Connecticut for only the medical bills?

You really can't settle the case until your injury reaches a point where you can evaluate it.  You need to give it some time.  How can you fully evaluate your injury unless you give it enough time to see how it really affects you?  You can't. 

So, if you can't fully settle your case now, and if the defense won't pay your bills until there is a full settlement then what should you do? 

You should submit your medical bills to your own health insurance carrier.  

They will pay the bills.  You will get the medical care that you need, and you will have your bills paid.  Of course, you will be out the cost of the deductable and the co-pays.  But you will get those back when you settle the case.  

Here is a link to a video I created on this subject: How to Get Your Medical Bills Paid-video.

The answer to the question is to proceed as if you don't have a case.  Just submit your bills to your health insurance company.  You should focus on getting the medical care need, and on getting better and back to your life.  

If you don't have health insurance you have some options including getting a letter of protection from your lawyer. 

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