Not all liens are the same.  They are all unique.  That is what makes this area of the law so complicated. It is important to understand which liens apply to your case, and the laws that apply to that lien.

For example, assume you are in a serious car accident in New Haven, Connecticut.  Assume some of your bills are covered by your private health insurance.  

Some liens require that you have notice of the lien, while others do not. Also, some liens allow you to deduct a sum to represent your procurements costs (attorney fees and costs) while others do not. This effectively reduces the lien amount, and puts more money in the your pocket. Some liens get paid back in full, like the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) lien for accident related medical bills, which is Medicaid monies.  Husky is Medicaid, and they get paid back in full.  Other liens from the DAS for other assistance termed "cash assistance" will require payment of no more than one-half of the end proceeds (after attorney fees and costs) to the claimant. Lastly, some liens can be negotiated or compromised, while others cannot. Therefore, there are many rules that apply to liens in car accident cases in Connecticut.  

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