You have a key advantage if you have car accident case, and you live in Southeastern, Connecticut.  

It is not a special law or rule.  It is simply good management.  Let me explain.

A key advantage:  A fast docket.

If you reside in Southeastern Connecticut you have the advantage of having access to a Courthouse that has a well-earned reputation of being a "fast docket."  The Courthouse is located in New London, Connecticut.

This is a very important advantage because one of the primary weapons the insurance company will attempt to use against you is their weapon if "delay" and their weapon of "time."  When they delay they win.  When the case takes a long time they win.  

New London is a fast docket.  This is good.  This means that cases move faster in New London relative to other parts of Connecticut. 

Understand, that the insurance companies primary weapon against you in defending a car crash case in Connecticut is the weapon of delay. They make a low ball offer with the hopes that a certain percentage of plaintiffs will simply accept the money because they can't wait any longer.  When cases move faster, insurance companies cannot play the waiting game.

What towns use the New London Courthouse?

So, if you live in a town between the border of Rhode Island to the Connecticut River your car accident case will probably end up in the New London Superior Court. That means towns such as Stonington, Groton, New London, Ledyard, Norwich, North Stonington, Norwich, East Lyme, Salem, and Montville.  

Patience is key.  

One of my clients was asked what is the most important piece of advice he would give to someone who has a car crash case.  He said it is to be patient.  He said if you just allow the system to do what it is designed to do you will get the best result.  

Where to find legal help if you need it.

If you or anyone you know was in a car accident and you believe you need help to combat the delay tactics of the insurance company please contact the lawyers at The Bartinik Law Firm, P.C., 100 Fort Hill Road, Groton, Connecticut at 860-445-8521 or toll free at 888-717-4211.


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