I received a call the other day from someone from Southeastern Connecticut who was driving his motorcycle, and was cut off by a car.   He crashed.  He was badly hurt.  He was missing work and his pay.  The car that cut him off fled the scene, and was not identified.  None of the witnesses got the car's license plate.  I is self evident that if you can't locate the at-fault car you can't make a claim for your harms and losses like lost wages. 

No problem.  That is why every motorcycle driver in Southeastern Connecticut has their own car insurance.  Part of the policy is uninsured motorist benefits.  That policy will cover losses from a hit and run driver. 

But wait.  The motorcycle driver did not have insurance.  He is totally out of luck.  Hard lesson to learn. 

When you drive a motorcycle or a car on the road without your own auto policy you place you life, and the well being of your family at the hands of the worse drivers in Southeastern Connecticut.  Yes. The one's sitting real close to the front window with two hands gripping the stearing wheel with thick glasses.  Or the one driving 90 miles per hour while talking on their cell phone.  Uninsured motorist benefits is the most important insurance you can have because it protects you when somone else injurs you in a car or motorcycle accident.  Medical bills and hosptial bills can easily reach $100,000.00 in a serious car accident.  And if you miss work you boss can fire you unless you a covered by a Medical Leave policy.  Nothing goog come from it.

The bottom line is you are crazy if you drive your car without underinsured motorist benefits.

If you or somoene you know was in a serious car accident, and you have underinsured motorist benefit then contact the Car Accident Lawyers at The Bartinik Law Firm, Groton, Connecticut 860 445 8521 or toll free at 888 717 4211.



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