When you bring your personal injury claim seeking compensation for your harms and losses from a car accident in New London, Connecticut you will need to explain your damages to the insurance adjuster, the defense lawyer, the judge, and the jury. 

You might as well do a good job at it.  Here is how.

You start with the mechanics of injury.  Describe exactly how your body was injured.  What body motion or contact caused the damage to your body?   It should make logical sense.  Then you examine the physical damage to your body caused by the mechanics of injury.  Then examine the physical pain.  Then you examine the body motions that are affected in their most basic sense.  Then you examine the physical activities that are affected.  You should be exhaustive here.  Then after you have examined the activities, you examine how those changes affect other activities.  You continuously ask why each loss is important to you, and how that loss will affect a different activity, relationship, or how it makes you feel.  You examine how each loss affects your relationships with other people.  You also examine how each loss makes you feel.  

You are absolutely truthful in each step, and you don’t exaggerate.  

In the last part of the process you articulate why you are still a winner in spite of your injury.  Here, you will show the insurance company, the jury, your family, and anyone who cares to listen how you have adopted to your injuries, how you are coping, and how you remain a productive, positive member of society in spite of your injury.  You will show the jury all of the effort and sacrifice you have made not to allow your injury to slow you down.

If you or anyone you know is seriously injured by in a car accident in New London, Connecticut and want to effectively explain your harms and losses contact the car accident lawyers at The Bartinik Law Firm, PC., 100 Fort Hill Road, Groton, CT., 860 445 8521 or toll free at 888 717 4211.

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