When you evaluate your medical malpractice case in New London, Connecticut it helps to use some discretion and common sense.  Medical malpractice cases cause controversy.  Medical malpractice cases frequently appear in in the news.  Individuals, lobbying groups, and politicians become highly polarized over the issue of medical malpractice.  You must use your discretion because some people don't want you to bring your medical malpractice claim regardless of how valid the claim is.                     

On one hand insurance organizations spearhead lobbying efforts along with their customers (doctors) who pay huge insurance premiums for medical malpractice insurance.  

On the other hand victim rights groups advocate for the civil justice system, and the right to bring medical malpractice cases.  

Some claim that medical erros kill more people than car accidents.  While others claim that medical malpractice litigation drives up health care costs.  While the sides don't agree on much, they can at least agree that the issue of medical malpractice is polarizing.  

As a victim of medical malpractice you need to know that some doctors will not like you because you are considerig a medical malpractice lawsuit.  You will be forced to have your case reviewed by doctors who can offer an opinion about whether medical malpractice occurred or not.  Many doctors don't like medical malpractice cases.  You might be sueing their collegue or friend.  They might believe that their medical malpractice insurance rates will go up.  

Therefore, use discretion.  Normally it does not help to walk accross the street to the doctor next doctor, and ask that doctor whether the first doctor committed medical malpractice.  You will need to have your case reviewed by someome who is totally at least open to the idea of bringing a medical malpractice claim.  You will need to have your case reviewed by someone who is willing to review the case.  In many instances, it is very difficult to find doctors who are willing to review medical malpractice cases. Becuase it is so difficult, it help to use discretion, and understand that the issue is very sensitive to some people.  

If you or anyone you know has suffered an serious injury caused by medical malpractice in New London contact the New London medical malpractice lawyers at The Bartinik Law Firm PC, 100 Fort Hill Road, Groton, Connecticut at 860 445 8521 or toll free at 888 717 4211.  


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