Why the AMA Guides to Permanent Impairment are useless for your car or accident case in New London, Connecticut. The American Medical Associations Guides to Permanent Impairment are widely used to quantify disability in personal injury cases in Connecticut. They are required in workers compensation cases. As a result many doctors, insurance adjusters, and lawyers are familiar with them. But they are not required in personal injury cases. They are widely used simply because many of the players (doctors, lawyers, insurance adjusters) are familiar with them. In my opinion, the AMA Guides do not help you, the plaintiff, in a personal injury case. They are too generic. They are not specific to you. They don’t measure how your injury has affected your particular life. For example, assume you have a minor injury to your finger so that you cannot use your finger for more than 20 minutes without taking a break. That might not be a big deal—unless you happen to be a professional piano player. Every injury affects each person uniquely. The law provides for fair, just, and reasonable compensation. The AMA Guides simply provide a percentage “disability” that has little bearing on how the injury actually affects someone’s life.

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