So, you suffered an injury in East Lyme, Connecticut and you bring a lawsuit against the responsible party.  What is your case worth?  Do you know?

One of the most important services that a lawyer can offer you is a good estimate what your case is worth if you want it settled, and what the case is worth if you go to trial.  At trial you will probably speak to your lawyer in terms of a "range" of results after a jury verdict, not a precise number like you will when you talk about a settlement.

You are never required to take their advice about the value of your case.  But if you won't take their advice, then why do you even use a lawyer? 

The fact is, there a many factors that go into calculating what a good settlment value is.  One factor is Connecticut's statutory collateral source rule that will give the defendant a credit off of your economic damages if your medical bills have been paid by a third party (like your health insurance company), and you don't have to reimburse them.  Not many lawyers really understand how that plays into the settlement value of a case.  Can you fully evaluate that issue on your own without the help of a good lawyer?  Research your lawyer (see my video above), and if he has extensive experience and credentials, then follow their advice.

The point is that you are not required to follow your lawyers advice about what your case is really worth.  But it is probably in your best interest to follow their advice.  

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