In spite of great efforts to reduce drunk driving injury and death since the early 1980s, drunk driving continues to occur in Connecticut.  Just check the police logs in the New London Day, and you will read of the many arrests.  In my town of Stoningtion, Connecticut, the police department has a reputation for making many drunk driving arrestes each year.  In Mystic, Connecticut several people were killed in an alcohol related incident just a few years ago.  And recently, in Norwich a young lady lost her legs due to a drunk driver leaving one of the casino.  The list goes on and on.  

But his does not have to be this way. The technology exists today to place a device inside each car that will detect whether hte driver is fit to drive or not.  This device is called the alcohol ignition interlock device, and will decect the driver's breath, and will effectively shut down the drunk driver before he even leaves the parking lot.  We could avoid these terrible injuries or deaths if we simple made it impossible to drink a drive.  We have the technolgy to do it.  Why don't we?

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