Today, I had to be in Court in New Britain for a 3:30pm Court appearance.  So, I was traveling on Interstate 95 South heading to Rt. 9 to head North to New Britain.  I left my office around 2 pm.  As I traveled on I 95 Sorth I passed an area on the highway where I could see accross the median to the opposide side of the highway.  That was I 95 heading North, and I am pretty sure it was in the East Lyme area.

There was a major truck crash and it did not look good at all.  I have not yet found any new reports.  It looked like the trailor exploded.  It was not a actual exposion, but that is was the end result looked.  The trailor was shredded.  The good news was that the cab of the truck did not look like it was too badly damaged so I hope everyone was alright.  But it was a bad crash.

I remember this summer listining to NPR and they were discussing safe driving around trucks.  The person said that the only safe place around a truck is behind the truck.  Someday, perhaps we will have different road-ways for trucks and cars.  Traveling on the roads with large trucks is too dangerous, and you should avoid trucks at all times when possible.  Just seeing a major truck accident is a reminder of how dangerous trucks and our highways can be.

I hope everyone was ok today.  

If you have even been in a car or truck accident and have been injury and have questions we are here to help.  But the only real protection is to just avoid large trucks on the highway.  Call The Bartinik Law Firm, P.C., 100 Fort Hill Road, Groton, Connecticut at 860-445-8521 or toll free at 888-717-4211.


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