We handle many car crash cases out of our Groton, Connecticut law office.  Here are the top three worst things you can do to screw up your Norwich, Connecticut car crash case.  So, don't do this.  

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First, in any car crash case, the extent of the property damage to your car is very important to the jury.  If you have a tiny amount of damage to your car, the jury will think you probably were not badly injured.  Taking good photographs of your badly damaged vehicle is very important to your case.  See below as an example of a badly damages car.  How anyone doubt, that a serious injury occurred as a result of this crash?

Second, I have written extensively on how failing to get medical care can hurt your case.  A lapse in care is when you fail to go to the doctor when you should be going.  When there is a long time between medical visits the defense lawyer will try to say that you weren't really that injured because if you were, you would have gone to the doctor.  Second, he will argue that some other event must have occurred during that long labse in medical care to cause you problems.  

Third, the third thing you can do to screw up your case is to forget about medical condition or an injury that occurred before the car crash. Even if you honestly forgot about the prior injury, it will appear that you were trying to conceal something.  So, don't forget, and if you have any doubt, then you can order your own medical records from your family doctor.  See my video above about giving a detailed history to your doctor.  That is important, and related to this item. 

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