First, you should embrace the concept that all of your claim are clear honest claims.  Don't bring bad claims.  Be absolutely honest in your communications.  Don't embelish.  

Second, you should have an interest in detail.  This means you should want to know all of the relevant facts.  Also, you should welcome the fact that the insurance adjuster also needs to know all of the facts too.  Details are important.    

Second, you should have a good knowledge of facts.  Even if you believe the matter is straight forward, spend a little extra time to put all the facts together in a nice logical sequence.   

Third, be a good listener.  Before you before you can answer a question accurately, you must be able to listen to, hear, and understand the question.  I have heard many people answer a question that is not asked which makes the hearing believe you are being evasive.   It is important to make a conscious effort to listen carefully.  

Fourth, be confident.  The way to find confidence is to be honest, know the facts, and know that you are a good listener.  

Fifth, get our free book, How to Deal with an Insurance Adjuster in Conneccticut.  The book is free from this website.

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