As of January 2012 Connecticut became the first state in America to require employers to provide paid sick leave to their employees.  The law only applies to companies with 50 or more employees.  In my book, that is a large employer.  Also, the law does not mandate very much sick leave--only about 5 days per year accured as an employee works.  

How is that bad?  First, of all most employers offer some sort of paid leave anyway.  Second, all decend employers definately offer some sick leave.  Third, would you prefer that your sick employees actually show up an work sick?  

While it is true that the cost of the sick leave a cost to the business, it is also true that the cost should be borne by the business and passed onto the customer.  In other words, some sick leave should be provided in our modern society and the cost of the sick leave should be passed onto the customers who need the service.  It is bad policy to provide whatever service it being provided with workers who don't have some sick leave.  Good employers who provide sick leave should not be forced to compete with bad employers who do not provide sick leave.  

The title to this article is a link of an article in the Connecticut Law Tribune in which competing pro-business and pro-labor studies about the sick leave law are discussed.  You might have to sign up with the publisher ALM to see the article.  But the sign up a free and easy.  

If you or anyone you know are being deprived sick leave that is mandated by Connecticut law, then contact The Bartinik Law Firm, PC., 100 Fort Hill Rd., Groton, CT. at 860-445-8521 or toll free at 888-717-4211.  

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