In an article in the New York Times in May 2013, Joanna C. Schwartz writes about her study about whether malpractice litigation can help improve medical care, and increase transparency in medical care.  She concludes that it can.  

She conducted interviews of hospital risk management staff.  She concluded that in recent years, hospitals have become increasingly open with patients when malpractice occurs.  Many have policies to apologize to patients when errors occur.  This practice—a simple of offering a simple apology can often be enough to satisfy the patient, and avert litigation.  Also, hospitals are more willing to discuss and learn from errors with hospital staff.

She points out three ways to that malpractice litigation has improved patient care:

First, her study concludes that over 95 percent of the hospitals in the study integrate information from lawsuits into patient safety efforts; and

Second, analyses of claim trends can reveal problematic procedures and departments; and

Third, closed litigation files can serve as rich teaching tools.

She concludes that medical-malpractice lawsuits do not have the harmful effects on patient safety that they are imagined to have — and, in fact, they can do some good.

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