Children can now recover for the loss of love, affection, and support of their parents in Connecticut.  

The Connecticut Supreme Court recently decided a case in which is recognized the right of minor children to recover loss of consortium for the loss of a parent.  Before this decision, only spouses could recover for loss of consortium.  Loss of consortium is a claim for the loss of love, affection, and support of another.  

The case of Campos v. Coleman was decided in early October 2015.  In that case the Connecticut Supreme Court specifically recognized the claim for loss of parential consortium.  The claim is permitted by minors only.  Adult children cannot bring the claim. The Court also specfiically did not decide whether a loss of consortium claim would be permitted by step children, although the language used in the decision strongly suggests that such a claim would be permitted.  

This decision is a victory for young children who have lost a parent due to the carelness of another.  It recognizes that the loss of a parent is great loss.  It recognized that minor children should be compensated for the loss of a parent.  

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