Employees should know their employer's grievance process.  Especially federal employees.  

I am constantly suprised when I get calls from employees who have been mistreated at work yet they have no idea of what their employer's grievance process is.  It is important to have a basic understanding of your employer's grievance process before you need it. 

Normally, large private employers and all federal agencies will have written grievance procedures that apply to most grievances.  The title to this blog post is a link to an interesting NY Times article that describes how many large employers have even adopted the employee grievance procedure started by the U.S. Post Office because it was so effective in resolving disputes.  I have handled sexual harassment claims for employees at the Post Office, and the procedure is very thorough.  

Also, federal employees will be covered by their agencies grievance procedure.  All federal agencies are required to created grievance procedures that apply to their agency.  For claims of back pay, if the employee prevails, they can also have their attorneys fees paid for by the agency.  

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