I was on the road yesterday traveling between Groton, Connecticut and the Bridgeport Superior Court in Bridgeport Connecticut where I had to attend a settlement conference for a case in Bridgeport.  The trip is about an hour and one-half long.  Not too fun on Rt. 95.  I am not the text police so I was not counting, and was not trying to find texters, but it took no effort to notice at least several people texting while driving during my journey.  They made no effort to hide it even though it is presently illegal in Connecticut. 

That morning I heard a short story on National Public Radio describing a documentary by AT&T about the evils of texting. The people at NPR had great things to say about the video.  

Anyone with an interest in keeping our roads safe should watch the AT&T video documentary about the trajedy of texting and driving.  I saw a short video of less than 9 minutes long and might save your kids life.  There is a 30 minute version too.  So, make sure you have you kids watch it.

I think we should keep our cell phones in the truck of our cars so we are not tempted to take a call, or worse send a text.  


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