Have you heard of the term "recreational use immunity."  If you are a personal injury lawyer you have.  If you are a member of the general public you probably have not.  What does it mean, and why should you care about it. 

Recreational use immunity is a term of describe immunity from suit for municipalities in Connecticut for injuries that happen on municipality owned land like parks, beaches, and other land open to the public for use.  

For a private land, the owner must keep the land reasonably safe.  But for towns, and cities in Connecticut they might be immune from suit.

For public land, the laws of recreational use immunity apply so (for example) the Town of Groton must keep Poquonock Plains Park in a reasonably safe state of repair.  If not, and someone is injured then they can sue.  

But the problem with the recreational use immunity laws now is the law makes arbitrary distinctions based on the type of land.  So, the towns are immune from suit for injures that occur on public beaches (like drownings due to negligent lifeguards), boardwalks, spectator areas, and other areas that you might expect would allow for suit if there was an injury.  The law at present is just not logical.

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