If you have a personal injury case from a car crash in Norwich, Connecticut or any town in Eastern, Connecticut, then you are probably going to your doctor seeking medical care.  When you see your doctor, it is crucial for you to make sure you specifically tell your doctor exactly why you are there.  This is crucial.  I can't tell you how often I see medical records that do not contain a clear statement that the patient was treated for his "automobile accident."  This hurts the case becasue it indicates that perhaps there was some other cause for the treatment.  Or it indicates that at the time of the visit the patient (you) did not know what was the cause of your problems.  This particularly damaging to your case if you have a pre-existing medical condition, or of the cause of the injury is in dispute.  

You must make sure your doctor knows that you are seeking treatment for your injury from the case. For example, you should tell your doctor "I am here because of a car crash on X date in Groton, Connecticut."  The reason this is absolutley crucial is because if you don't tell the doctor this information, they won't write it down in their report, and then the defense lawyer will say that you did not tell this to the doctor which is an indication that your injury was caused by something else.  

This is particularly important when you see you family doctor because family doctors tend to treat many different types of medical problems, and are therefore, not experienced with preparing medical records for people with personal injury cases. For example, orthopedic surgeons tend to deal with a lot of personal injury cases and workers compensation cases.  They are very keen on making it clear that they are treating a particualr condition.  They are used to doing this because in workers compensation cases, they will only be paid for treatment for the "accepted" injury.  

In conclusion, you must take responsibility to make sure you tell your doctor that you are there for your car crash in Norwich, or else who knows what will end up in your records.  

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