If you are receiving unemployment benefits in Connecticut, in addition to searching for a new job, it is also vital that you document that search. One requirement for collecting benefits is promising that you will actively search for full-time employment. If the Department of Labor thinks you're skimping on your job search, you may be asked for proof that you have been looking for a job.

Before you begin your job search, create a log for yourself. This can be a simple notebook, or a detailed computer document, depending on your preference. In that log, you will need to keep track of every single little detail regarding your search for a full-time position.:

  • If you apply for jobs online, write down dates, times, websites, e-mails; print out or save job descriptions as well as your cover letters.
  • If you're applying in person, again, write down dates, times, names of people you may have spoken with, and any indications they may have given you about job vacancies, hiring decisions, and whether they will be in touch with you.
  • No detail is too small to write down! Any time you have contact with an employer beyond that initial application stage, make sure you document it. Be strict about following up after interviews and show that you are truly making an effort to get a job.

As for actually finding a job, the Internet has truly opened up so many avenues for job searches that weren't always available. Try looking on websites like Indeed.com or Simplyhired.com; these are aggregate sites that pull in job postings from all around the web. Instead of checking out a ton of different sites, you can go to these two sites and find many relevant postings. You can also try Monster.com or Craigslist.org (though be very careful about scammers on this site). Also consider joining LinkedIn.com; it is a social network created especially for business purposes and it is a fantastic networking tool. Many people find jobs through personal connections, so by getting out there and meeting new people, you also may be setting yourself up for a new career.

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