You are responsible to pay the medical bills.  Assuming the other guy is at fault in the car crash, eventually the cost of the medical car will be his responsibility.  But it can take up to a year, two years, or sometimes even longer than that to fully resolve a car crash case.  And until the case is finally resolved the defendant’s insurance company will not pay the bills.  There are several options to get your bills paid while your claim or case is pending:  One option is medical payment under your car insurance if you have that in your policy.  If you have medical payments coverage on your automobile policy you can submit the bills through your medical payments coverage.   Another option is self pay.  You pay the bills out of your own pocket with cash, check, or credit, or however you can pay the bills.  Of course, the bills will be part of your claim for damages in your personal injury case.   Another option is submit the bills to your health insurance company.  In many instances, at the end of the case, you will have to reimburse your health insurance company for the cost of the medical bills.  A final option is to ask your health insurance provided to accept payment from you at the close of your case based on your promise to pay the doctor out of the proceeds of the settlement.  This is called a letter of protection.  Not all doctors will allow this.  Most don’t.

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