You should give your doctor a great detailed medical history for your Connecticut car accident case.  This means you should include your mechanics of injury.  You should tell your doctor the exact body motion or physical contact that caused you the injury.  For example, assume you were hit from behind in a car accident in Norwich, Connecticut, and at the time of impact you were looking to the left, and the impact caused your head to hist the steering wheel.  You should tell your doctors that you were in a car accident, and were hit from behind.  You should explain your body position at impact, and how it moved.  Also, make it clear that your head was twisted at impact (since you were looking to the left), and that your head hit the steering wheel.  Your doctor needs this information.   Your doctor will find this information very helpful when, in the future, they prepare a narrative report addressing whether your injury was caused by the car accident.  Additionally, if you don't give the doctor a detailed history, the defense attorney from Allstate will surely suggest that your injury was caused by something other than car accident, and will critize your doctor for omitting that information.  Some doctors will even refuse to write a narrative final report, unless they have notes on your history.  Don't rely on the doctor to take a great history.  Spoon feed them the information.  You need to take responsibilty, and make sure the doctor has all of the information.  Also, remember to make sure that doctors that you are referred to by the first doctor also have a great detailed history.  Don't rely on the doctor that referred you to give the specialist a detailed history.  

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