Compared to other New England states, Connecticut has low minimum automobile insurance requirements.  Here are how the statues compared:

Connecticut 20/40

Rhode Island 25/50

Massachusetts 20/40

New York 25/50

New Hampshire 25/50

Vermont 25/50

Maine 50/100

The first number is the minimum of liability insurance, while the second number is the corresponding underinsured/uninsured motorist amount.  Notice that the highest is Maine which as a $50,000.00 minimum while the lowest is Connecticut and Massachusetts which a $20,000.00 minimum.  Most the New England states have at least $25,000.00 minimum.  

However, since Connecticut has a very high average income especially in the western part of the state, the $20,000.00 seems painfully inadequate.  

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These are excellent amounts for the insurance. I am really glad to know about them. Are these available for Forklift as well?
by Forklift September 13, 2013 at 08:09 AM
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