Greed is one of the seven deadly sins in your New London, Connecticut injury case.  Some lawyers call it the "trial gods."  The idea is that if you are greedy the jury can tell.  They can sense it.  They will penalize you for it.  It is, therefore, very important to reasonably evaluate your case, and your damages.  If you play into the sterio-type of the greedy plaintiff looking to get rich off of their case, then you will lose.  

There is no formula to use to evaluate your case.  But here are few main simple principles to apply:

1. Be honest.

2. Don't be greedy.

3. Try to see it from the other side's perspective.  

A skilled advocate can see all sides to the story.  A skilled lawyer knows how far to push the point.  If you push too hard with greed, you will lose.  

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