The at-fault driver’s insurance policy must have liability coverage as part of the insurance in the policy.  That liability coverage covers claims, like yours, caused by his negligence.  It pays for claims by you against him.  So, from your perspective it is important that he have enough coverage to pay for all of your claims--harms and losses.   Of course, the liability coverage only pays for claims when the car crash was caused by the negligence of the insured driver, and when the injuries were caused by the car crash.  So, that means when it is the other guys fault, the other guys liability insurance will pay the claim up to the amount of the insurance they have.  For example, if the at fault driver has $20,000.00 in liability coverage, then that insurance will pay up to $20,000.00 in damages.  If your claim exceeds $20,000 then you cannot collect over the $20,000.00, but might be able to make an underinsured motorist claim if you have such coverage on your policy.  

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