There is a lot to a DUI case in Connecticut.  The case is highly fact specific, and the entire case is based on an estimate of how much alcohol is in the blood at a specific time in history.  What makes a DUI defense case unique, however, is the fact that the crime is proven through scientific evidence about how to determine how much alcohol is in the blood.

How can you really know how much alcohol was in your system when the amount is changing all the time?  When the body processes the alcohol, the amount in the blood is changing, right?  It is very difficult to really be sure what the actual level was, but the law allows for the use of certain machines that give estimates of the amount in your system.  So, a large part of any DUI case depends upon what machine was used, how it was used, and who used it.  

It would probably be much easier if all alcohol were outlawed.  It seems like that is the direction, DUI laws are going.  

Since the DUI crime in not based on specific objective conduct, but is instead based on how much alcohol is in the blood, the person who hopes to abide by the law is left to guess about whether they have too much alcohol in their system.  Whether they are guilty of a crime or not depends upon the reading of a machine.  And therefore, the thrust of many DUI cases in Connecticut revolves around understanding the scientific evidence unique to a DUI case.

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