Are you tired at the end of a long week?  Apparently, the trucking lobby believes truckers don't get tired at the end of a 60 hour work week.

A rule that required truckers to take time off from work to rest at the end of a very long week was suspended recently by a Senate Committee. The trucking lobby successfully lobbied the Senate Appropriates Committee recently. 

The rule required truckers to take at least 34 hours off when they worked 60 hours in 7 consecutive days, or 70 hours in 8 consecutive days. That rule was recently suspended.  Now there are more drowsy truckers on the roads. 

Drowsy truckers are obviously dangerous.  We need the government to protect us in this situtation.  

Don't we take time off over the weekends when we work a normal work week?  Truckers need rest too.  More importantly, you and I and our families need them to be rested so our highways are safe.  

This was reported in the New York Times.  You can click on the title of this blog to go to the New York Times article.

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