In a massive truck crash in New Jersey the comedian Tracy Morgan was injured when a large truck smashed into his car.  The crash was caused, in part, because the truck driver was speeding.  It has also been reported on National Public Radio that driver drowseyness is being investigated.  

Yet the trucking industry constantly challenges rules that require drivers (1) to get enough rest, and (2) to keep track of their driving hours.  

This truck crash involving comedian Tracy Morgan has brought this issue to the forefront. This issue was recently discussed in an article in the New York Times.  You can link to the article by clicking on the heading to his blog.  

But the point is--we can't expect the trucking industry to self-reguate.  There is a financial incentive to drive too much.  That is a fact.  

According to some, the incidence of drowsy truck driving is underreported because a dead truck driver can't report that he was drowsy, and a living truck driver will not want to admit to being drowsy from fear of getting into trouble.  

Drowsy driving is a problem that needs to be addressed because these trucks simply cause too much damage and death when they crash. We need to support limits on driving hours and other rules that help keep drivers alert at all times. 

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