You might have heard the term no-fault insurance.  This is what it means.  No fault insurance is insurance that protects you for injuries to you in your insured car regardless of whether the injury was your fault or the other guys fault.  It is a type of first party insurance which means it is your insurance that protects you.  In Florida, there is much discussion about getting rid of the no-fault system and changing to an at-fault system for auto liability claims like the one that exists in Connecticut today.  

So, if you are involved in a car crash and suffered injuries in Norwich, Connecticut you don't have do deal with no fault insurance.

The problem with no fault insurance is that it passes the cost of bad driving onto those who are good drivers, and it promotes fraud.  

Here, in Connecticut, thankfully, we no longer have no fault insurance.  Instead, car insurance liability claims are all fault based. This means that the at-fault party pays the claim.  

There a pros and cons with both systems.  There is a link below to an article aobut Florida and the push to change to an at-fault system like the one that exists in Connecticut today.

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