Ticketed under Connecticut's texting while driving law?  The Bartinik Law Firm LLC can help.  

Connecticut's texting while driving law is found in General Statute 14-296aa.  It contains nine different definitions of terms such as "mobile telephone," "hands free accessory," and others.  It is not a model of clarity.  The goal of the law is to prevent distracted driving in Connecticut by making it illegal to text while driving, or make a cell phone call while you are driving. 

What is prohibited?

Connecticut's texting while driving law prohibits all types of distracted driving with some exceptions.  So, if you are driving in Groton, Stonington, New London, Norwich, or any of the other towns in Southeastern, Connecticut you can expect the police will be watching you to make sure you are not driving while driving. 

The law says:

No person shall operate a motor vehicle upon a highway . . . while using a hand-held mobile telephone to engage in a call or while using a mobile electronic device. An operator of a motor vehicle who types, sends or reads a text message with a hand-held mobile telephone or mobile electronic device while operating a motor vehicle shall be in violation of this section

No person shall use a hand-held mobile telephone or other electronic device or type, read or send text or a text message with or from a mobile telephone or mobile electronic device while operating a commercial motor vehicle, as defined in section 14-1, except for the purpose of communicating with any of the following regarding an emergency situation: An emergency response operator; a hospital; physician's office or health clinic; an ambulance company; a fire department or a police department.

Essentially, it is illegal to do the following while driving:  Use a hand-held mobile telehone, type, send, or read a text messge with a hand-held mobile telephone.   You can use a hands free system.  If you are holding a cell phone type device near your ear, it will be presumed that you are using the phone to make a call.  

What are the relevant exceptions?

In an emergency situation, you can make a call to various types of medical providers. 

Are there fines?

Yes.  If you ticketed for driving while using your cell phone you will face fines of $150 for the first violation, $300 for the second violation, and $500 for the third violation. 

What other problems can arise from being ticketed?

Most importantly, if you are ticketed will receive points on your driving record, which will result in a loss of your driver's licence if you accumulate too many points.  Next, you can also expect increased insurance rates from your auto-insurance carrier.  Moreover, another adverse consequence of being ticketed is you might face penalties from your employer if you drive as part of your job.

How to get help?

If you are unfortunately ticketed in any of the towns of Southeastern Connecticut you will have to appear in Court to defend yourself.  You will need the help of a local attorney who is familiar with the workings of the local GA Courts, the Courts where these cases are handled.  The Bartinik Law Firm LLC has handled many cases in the criminal courts in Southeastern Connecticut.  Call us at 860-445-8521.  We can help. 

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