In a car crash when there is the potential for a fire (or any car crash) it is important to have child car seats with buckles that allow the parent or other first responder to quickly remove a child from the car.  Greco is a major maker of child car seats.  Greco has recently recalled over 4 million forward facing car seats due to faulty buckles.  But Greco does not want to recall another almost 2 million rear facing car seats.  Greco believes that even though the buckle might be the same buckle used on the car seats it has already recalled, the hazard is minimized because the parent can remove the entire rear facing car seat rather than fiddle with the buckle.  The National Highway Traffic Safey Administration does not agree and it is putting pressure on Greco by conducting a series of tests to examine the issue.  This will build evidence to put Greco in a position where it can't deny the benefits of the recall. 

In a terrible incident in California a child died of burnes when the child's mother could not easily remove the child from the car seat.  

Most car crashes do not result in car fires, but that is always a possibility, and it is very important to know what car seats are the best and safest on the market.  So, these tests will help us understand the issues.

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