Recently, an attorney in Bridgeport, Connecticut Joseph Haddad, was charged with using runners in an ambulance chasing, and fraud scheme designed to rip off insurance companies.   The term ambulance chasing comes from the practice of chasing ambulances to the hospitals in the hopes of signing up clients.  In Connecticut, it is improper and unethical for a lawyer to solicit business from a non-client.  Ambulance chasing is illegal in Connecticut, and probably all states. 

In this case, a group of schemers consisting of one lawyer, several doctors, and chiropractors conspired to rip off insurance companies by having their clients inflate their medical bills by having medical care that they did not need.  By inflating the medical costs, they fraudulently inflated he settlement value of the cases.

One of the victims in schemes such as this are the people have legitimate injuries.  When unscrupulous doctors and lawyers engage in ambulance chasing people and prospective jurors become very skeptical of personal injury claims, even legitimate ones, and penalized people who are truly injured.

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