You are not required to speak with the liability insurance adjuster.  Of course, it is practically impossible to resolve the claim without speaking with them either directly or through a representative.  But the timing and type of communication is all up to you.  Normally, the adjuster will want to ask you about your injury as soon as possible.  Be cautious about speaking with the adjuster in the early stages of your claim.  Remember, you can always communicate with them by writing them a letter after you have fully thought out, and reviewed what you have to say.  In the early stages of a claim you might not fully understand what your medical condition is or the full nature of the injury.   You will know what hurts, but not much more than that unless you have some medical training.  It will probably be difficult for you to fully explain the nature of your injury over the phone.  Therefore, be careful when you discuss the details of your injury with the adjuster especially in the early stages of the case.  

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