No.  Sometimes the adjuster will ask you to give a statement that they will record.  It is normally done over the telephone and recorded.   Sometimes it is done in person and recorded in a recording device.   You are not required to give a recorded statement.  There are many factors that you might consider before you decide whether you are willing to give a recorded statement to the other guy’s liability insurance adjuster.   Generally, if you have a poor relationship with the adjuster they you probably won’t give a statement.   Also, unless you believe you are going to get the case resolved after you give the statement is it normally not a good idea to give a statement.  Remember, that once the case lawsuit is started, you will have to give another statement called a deposition so what is the point in giving two statements?  All that can really happen is that you don’t say things exactly the same way in both statements, and then someone at a later date criticizes you for being inconsistent.   Be careful with recorded statements. 

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